Predict inventory quality before review.

Determine the quality of cases before you commit more time and resources to review them further. Get detailed analysis on injury, exposure, page volume by case and more.

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Is your intake process a black box for quality?

Your firm processes thousands of cases per litigation. Often times the data enters your workflow without any indication of its quality: Does the client truly have the injury they claimed at intake? Would they qualify for any settlement? Are the medical record files corrupted or illegible? Pattern Data gives you crystal ball to determine case quality before you process them further.

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think of our case quality prediction as x-ray vision for your litigation

Prioritize resources for high quality cases

If your firm faces a surge of cases, Pattern Data's prediction capability will allow your team to focus on high quality cases first, to maximize existing bandwidth.


Get critical insights on early-stage litigations

At a glance, you can determine if new case records fulfill the criteria for injury or treatment. Quickly re-review if those criteria changes.


Identify cases with limited medical records

Determine which cases have low page counts and low probability of containing injury or product data. Firms can use this information to identify cases where additional medical records need to be ordered.