Better access to data to better your case.

With Pattern Data, your firm has the fastest and most accurate insights about every litigation.

The platform

Access hidden data to better represent your client. 

Your firm relies on the knowledge and experience of your attorneys, associates, paralegals and others. But as litigations increase in complexity and velocity, manually processing all your clients’ case data becomes overwhelming. Critical information slips through the cracks and you make the best decisions with the information you have at hand.

Pattern Data’s technology was built to uncover and analyze the hidden data that lies in thousands of electronic files. Our A.I. surfaces the most relevant information in seconds, so your team can make the best decisions with all the data.

Client Data

The industry’s smartest A.I.

Pattern Data has devoted years to train our A.I. to be confidently identify complex legal and medical terms. While the final validation and decisions are in your team’s hands, Pattern Data automates and accelerates the time-consuming process of searching through documents.

>2 billion Medical Files

More than 2 billion medical texts used to train the A.I. for recognition and extraction.

98% accuracy

By just initial analysis of medical records with just the A.I. 100% accuracy can be achieved with human validation.

10x Faster

Identification of injury and product usage within medical records when compared to manual methods.

>100 M Pages

Over 100 million pages of medical records analyzed on Pattern Data’s Platform. 

whether your review team is

in-house or outsourced,

using Pattern Data can

multiply throughput with

existing resources.

Accurately identifying complex medical terms.

Pattern Data’s A.I. can catch things that are easily missed by human eyes. Multiple synonyms for the same disease? Acronyms for a specific treatment? Generic or name brand versions of the same drug? With Pattern Data, you won’t let a good case go unnoticed. 

Sturge Weber Syndrome

Also appears as:

  • encephalotrigeminal angiomatosis
  • sturge kalischer weber syndrome
  • angiomatosis encephalofacial
  • dimitri disease
  • sws
  • neuroretinoangiomatosis
  • cutaneocerebral angioma
  • neurocutaneous syndrome
  • encephalofacial hemangiomatosis syndrome
  • meningofacial angiomatosis-cerebral calcification syndrome

Our Revolutionary OCR technology.

Pattern Data goes beyond standard OCR (optical character recognition). Our technology can deal with blurry or skewed scans, illegible handwriting and can even determine the type of document it is reviewing to help organize your case packet.


Reads Blurred Or Poor Scans

Discerns Illegible Handwriting

Determines Document Type

Cutting-Edge features redefining industry standards.

Expertise + A.I.

The best of both worlds: the speed of A.I. with the knowledge of your team’s experience.

Strategic Reporting

Get executive insights on the status of your litigation, case backlog, quality and more.

Designed For Process

Analysis and extraction can be customized for each firm and litigation.

Automated Doc Import

Upload individual records or mass import from popular cloud drives or file storage.

Software Integrations

Pattern Data’s insights can be exported to popular case management platforms.

Powerful & Scalable

Gain unparalleled and industry-leading insights for firms of all sizes and cases of all volumes. 

Pattern Data’s dedication to security.

At Pattern Data, we ensure the latest security technologies and procedures are in place to keep your clients’ information safe. Here are some of the steps we take to safeguard your data.

Data Encryption

All data transmissions to and from our website are encrypted using industry-standard TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption. This ensures that any data you send or receive from our website is protected against interception by unauthorized parties.

Access Controls

Access to our website is restricted to authorized personnel only. All employees and contractors are required to complete security training and follow strict access control policies. We use multi-factor authentication and strong passwords to ensure that only authorized personnel can access your data.

Data Storage

All protected healthcare data is stored in a secure, encrypted database that is regularly backed up and monitored for any unauthorized access or activity. We use industry-standard data retention and disposal policies to ensure that data is retained only as long as necessary and disposed of securely.

Third-Party Vendors

We work with third-party vendors to provide our services, and we require all vendors to meet our security standards and comply with applicable laws and regulations. We conduct regular security assessments of our vendors to ensure they meet our security and privacy requirements.

Audit Logging

We maintain detailed audit logs of all activity on our website, including access, data modifications, and system changes. This helps us detect and respond to any unauthorized activity or security incidents in a timely manner.

Incident Response

In the event of a security incident, we have a comprehensive incident response plan in place to quickly detect, contain, and mitigate any potential damage. We notify affected customers promptly and provide regular updates on the status of the incident.

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