Automate settlement work product creation.

Maximize outcomes for every client with settlement automation.

How we help

Solving the familiar fire drill of mass torts: settlements.

After years of litigating, a settlement can come together quickly. Both sides need to review, re-review and validate thousands of pages of medical records to ensure proper and fair distribution of any settlement money. Pattern Data can automate the most time-consuming parts of the settlement process and generate necessary documentation easily.

meet those tight deadlines by automating labor-intensive work

Predict settlement outcomes before submission

Pattern Data analyzes the extracted case record information and can compare it with the most recent settlement matrix to provide a forecast on average settlement amounts, by various cohorts and by source.


Automate the creation of client settlement packets

Eliminate the tedious creation of settlement summaries by hand using MS Word. Pattern Data generates these reports instantly and in PDF format, ready for delivery.


Firm-wide settlement insights

Access Pattern Data's analytics suite to view the distribution of clients across demographics such as age, gender, location, or settlement criteria such as injury type.