August 21, 2023

Pattern Data Spotlight: Lydia

Author: Pawan Murthy

Meet Lydia, one of our talented Client Experience Managers at Pattern Data. Lydia’s passion for client satisfaction, coupled with her expertise in managing implementation and onboarding processes, makes her a valuable member of our team. In this Q&A, Lydia shares her insights on the challenges she has overcome, her excitement for the future of Pattern Data, and even her love for a certain classic game show host.

What is your role at Pattern Data?

As one of our Client Experience Managers, my role involves managing the implementation and onboarding process for our clients, providing ongoing client support, creating and maintaining documentation, and working closely with each of our teams to ensure that our solutions meet the needs of our clients.

How did you find yourself at Pattern Data, and what about this company attracted you? 

I stumbled upon a job opening! I was intrigued by Pattern’s data-driven approach and the opportunity to work with new technology—and it’s exciting to help shape pivotal elements of a growing startup. After meeting the founding team, I was also drawn to their infectious dedication and the mission to help businesses gain efficiencies and better serve their own clients. Delighting clients has been my top priority throughout my career, and I love working alongside our incredible team to drive innovation and create real and measurable value for our clients.

Can you provide an example of a challenge that you and/or your team overcame?

I love challenges. One example of a challenge that we recently overcame as a team was when we had an urgent client need that required us to quickly configure a new lens, profile, and complex reporting. Our team worked closely to define the requirements, configure the lens, profile, calculate the results, and test the solutions against exact criteria to ensure it met the client’s needs. We were able to deliver the solution on time, and the client was very satisfied with the outcome. When your clients are happy, life is good.

What are you most excited about the future of Pattern Data? 

I am most excited about the potential to continue to grow and enhance our offerings. As we develop new solutions and features, I know we have the opportunity to help more clients understand their data, improve productivity and accuracy, and make more informed decisions. I am also excited to leverage AI technology as it continues to evolve and improve, and I believe we’re well-positioned at the forefront of this rapid-moving innovation.

OK, now to get to the really good questions: What was your first car and your thoughts about it?

My first car was a used but beautifully maintained red 1992 Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plas. One of the unique features was these little tray tables that popped out of the back seats, but my favorite quality was how smooth it was. Picture yourself cruising 75 mph down the 101 freeway, windows down, the glistening Pacific Ocean on your right, majestic mountains to your left, with your INXS “Shabooh Shoobah” cassette blasting through the speakers—perfection. I’ve loved cars ever since.

Lydia's 1992 Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plas

Finally, and most importantly, what was your favorite cartoon or show you watched as a child? Why did you like it?

One of my favorite shows growing up was The Price is Right. I thought Bob Barker was hilarious, and the whole show was pure fun. One of the best parts was watching the contestants lose their minds when Bob would reveal they’d have an opportunity to win a BRAAAND NEWWW CARRR! Classic. I rarely catch an episode anymore, but I do have an autographed framed picture of Bob Barker I received as a gift.

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