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Get an edge in every mass tort litigation with the fastest and smartest case review and analytics platform available.

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What makes our A.I. so powerful? You do.

When it comes to law, no A.I. can match your team of mass tort experts. That’s why Pattern Data has built its mass tort case management software with A.I. that handles the repetitive and tedious work, letting your team build evidence faster and more efficiently.

Litigation Dashboard

Dominate your case backlog and build the best evidence in minutes.

Forget about paging through endless medical records. We’re going beyond annotating PDFs that you’ll have to sift through later. Pattern Data extracts the relevant information and presents it to your review team to validate in just a few clicks.

Speed & accuracy throughout the litigation process.

Pattern Data's AI automates medical record reviews, swiftly identifying diagnoses and patterns with greater accuracy, enabling your team to build evidence more efficiently.



Rapidly determine the quality new cases at intake to determine ROI on your intake provider. Minimize carrying cost of poor quality cases. Predict case quality before further review. 


Case Review

Perform full case reviews at 10x the speed with greater accuracy. Even when requirements change, simply query Pattern Data. Never search through raw medical records again. 



Automated settlement analysis will accurately categorize your claims based on the established matrix. Create settlement summaries in just a few clicks.  


Improve Firm-Wide Operations

Make your firm’s operations more productive and efficient with all your clients’ data digitized, analyzed and categorized. Develop executive reports to help guide strategic decisions on firm operations and profitability.

Leading law firms trust Pattern Data.

See what leaders in mass tort are saying about their experience with Pattern Data.

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Leigh O'Dell

Beasley Allen

Pattern Data allows our review team to work at a much faster and more efficient pace. I recommend Pattern Data without reservation

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