Accelerate medical record review.

Leverage Pattern Data's powerful A.I. to assist your team in document review or completely automate the process. Increase case review speed by 10x to meet tight deadlines.

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Empower your document review team with A.I.

Mass tort firms are constantly battling an unending backlog of cases with short turnaround times. Case review needs to be both fast and high quality. Pattern Data's A.I. can dramatically improve your team's throughput without sacrificing quality.

leverage artificial intelligence to assist or fully automate document review

Pattern Data

Best suited for new or complex litigations, Pattern Data's ASSIST A.I. scans and analyzes thousands of pages of medical records, extracts and organizes the required data, and provides the results for the reviewer to validate. The reviewer can accept, modify or decline the suggested finding, each time training the A.I. to improve.

Pattern Data

This option is best suited for well developed litigations or those with simpler criteria. Pattern Data's AUTO A.I. does everything ASSIST A.I. does, but selects the best information for each case criteria, validates on behalf of the reviewer, and completes the review entirely.

choose the right solution for your litigation's needs

Scan documents
Extracts data
Identifies document type
Highlights potential data or text for criteria
Selects the best option for criteria automatically
Done By Reviewer
Summarizes case information in paragraph
Done By Reviewer
Completes case review automatically
Done By Reviewer